About us

It all started in September 2016 when I started to think about a new concept about servers Metin2 , in particular the international servers.

After many days of searching, I have chosen to open an international Metin2 server, aimed at bringing MMORPG players, on a different server.

Why choose War-Time II?

Because the server was created not for profit, but was created for fun, considering that the server has the best protection.

A dedicated very good, costing, we decided to add donations to maintain the server, but do not think that there is money to host ...

We guarantee

Fairness - We are very honest, so honest that we penalize ourselves even when we are wrong;

Equality - everyone is equal, nobody is specially treated, no pile and this community relationships;

Fraternity - War-Time is more than a community of Online Gaming, War-Time is a big family, where we can rely one another ....


Administrative Announcements

by [Andrew]
05 Septembrie 2016 00:30



Starting 01/10/2016 00:00, you will find our server system-level bonus for those over 55 .


What is it this system : GIFTBOX

GIFTBOX event type is a mission. The mission of this event is to find and collect all 60 first artifacts found in all enclosures, you can collect many artefacts every 30 minutes. 

If a player has found a new artifact from the 60 available, it will disappear from the server and will not be visible for another 30 minutes (the artifacts will be refreshed every 30 minutes). 



Server details:

War-Time II
04 Septembrie 2016 21:00

Server War-Time II dates back to September 2016. From opening until now our server was a day not offline, so we are a serious server. Our staff is understanding, sociable, friendly, active and very mature proving professionalism and seriousness in any situation. Our core principles are: equality and democracy!

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